Friday, February 19, 2010

Want a Substantive Post?

We've been doing a lot of exercises and not so many substantive posts lately. If you're jonesing for a lesson, head on over to Romance University, where I'm talking about a couple of ways to organize the guts of a paragraph. Pendulum or frame? The amount of action can help you decide.



Jana said...

On my way over...

Suggestion for a future post? (After the games, of course).

How do you write something that happens suddenly? We know all about the dreaded, "Suddenly, she fell..." But what if, say, a group of people is talking, and "suddenly" a drunk guy falls and knocks another person into a third person? Maybe that's a bad example, but the idea is that something sort of mundane is transpiring and then "suddenly" a jarring action occurs. I'm writing such a scene and it's coming out choppy.


Riley Murphy said...

Hi Theresa!
That was a great post you did for RU. I'm thinking I'm going to have send you a question. Be warned. (hehehe) :D