Sunday, February 28, 2010

Heat Winners: Speed Scrivening

Ladies and gentlemen, we have an unprecedented result!

After much deliberation behind the scenes (including some well-reasoned arguments from several contestants regarding how to measure the winner), the judges have decided that all entrants in this event win the gold!

All of you stretched your writing muscles, and you all earned the medal!

If you emailed your numbers in accordance with the rules, you get this gold medal graphic and wicked cool bragging rights!



Riley Murphy said...

Pat on the back everyone, good going!

Murphy :D

Dave Shaw said...

Didn't enter this one (that was my 15 hours of driving and work day, like tomorrow's going to be), but I'm proud of y'all. ;-)

Jami Gold said...

Woo Hoo! I won something! :) (Not that I'm grumbling - really - because everyone deserved their victories. LOL!)

Jami G.

P.S. The word verification has something to do with the WIP I started with this event - too funny!

Sylvia said...

Yay, all of us!