Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Heat #10: Wordic Combined

Shakespeare created as many as 1,700 new words for our English language.Today, you get to follow in his footsteps and make a new word, too.

Take two existing English words which commonly exist in most people's vocabularies.

Combine them into a new term. The meaning of this new term must be clear and easy to grasp upon first reading.

Example: Shakespeare gave us coldblooded, moonbeam, and skim milk.

(He also gave us Olympian. Huh. What a coincidence.)

This is a judged event. Enter more than once if you wish, but get your entries in no later than February 26 at noon central time. Mail them to edittorrent at gmail dot com. Polling will go live at the deadline and will continue until just before the Closing Ceremonies.


Jami Gold said...

I don't need to see the entries, I vote for Theresa and 'mantasy'. LOL!

Jami G.

Leona said...

I'm with Jami, LOL

Riley Murphy said...

I think T has to recuse herself, otherwise it would be a landslide victory. :D


zz said...

I think bromance wass up there with the best of them, until it became a reality tv show :(

I'm going to give this a crack!

Leona said...

Okay, here's a couple. I've made up all kinds of words in my science fiction book, but they are mostly gaelic words I've put together. Here's some other words.

Cheezyice - pliable ice found on one of the new homeworlds of the Martilians (see my book Rebellion on Piza 7 for more info on the Martilians or email me. I'll tell you :)

Dragonkind - Race of dragons found in a magical dimension closely linked to Cerisa's world. (My fantasy story)

Spicysugar - the way a female's blood tastes to a male vampire or vice versa.

Sylvia said...

Argh, been thinking about this since last night and everything I come up with is already a word. :/

HAHAHA! My word verification, I swear to god, is "easizine"

Leona said...

so, according to word, overnighting, and untucked are not words. I even tried over-nighting.
Am I crazy, or spelling them badly? Overnighting is a word I use all the time (nighting is not a word either so it doesn't work split into two words)

How many times have I said to my kids "Your shirt's untucked." and it isn't even a word????