Friday, February 26, 2010

Entries for the Wordic Combined Challenge

Here are the entries -- vote in the sidebar poll for your favorite! These are so clever that it might be hard to choose just one, so I've set the poll to allow multiple votes.

Entry #1: edittorment
The feeling you get when you're editing your manuscript and you realize the first draft needs a complete rewrite. (Also the feeling you get when you can't think of something for an EditTorrent challenge! LOL)

Entry #2: Mysterotica

Entry #3: Horromance

2 and 3 are new genres sure to inspire great stories.

Entry #4: schadenfreudanista
(n) A person who finds glee in the misfortune of others.

Entry #5: bitchwell
Created in honor of the entrant's neighbor.


ClothDragon said...

Ok, this isn't a new word but it gave me the same sense of glee the new words did... You've probably heard it before, but I saw it on a button at GenCon a few years ago: We put the Romance in Necromancer.

Jordan said...

Oh, crap, I've been working on my entries for two days, and I've just been too busy with screaming children this morning to hit send.

Jami Gold said...


Argh! I know! I think this is the first Heat I've missed. And you just know that the idea I missed one (I thought I had 'til midnight!) is driving this overachieving perfectionist insane! :)

Jami G.

Riley Murphy said...

Okay, here’s one that a little birdie shot over to me. Hey, I swear - it’s not mine. Promise. BUT I thought it was hilarious and needed to be mentioned...cause let’s face it. We’ve all been there, right? :D

The 'fuckmistakes' - i.e.: the pityfuck, the revengefuck, and the reboundfuck.

Murphy - laughing her ass off! And a big shout out to the one who will remain nameless - you chicken! ;)

Riley Murphy said...

I just have to say, that the fuckmistakes combo word, is ingenious. It's ambidextrous. In that, after you make the mistakes it highlights - you can scream the very word itself, to revile the dastardly deeds you've done.

Example: Yep, Jenny did the pity fuck...and then she fell in love with him. Of course he eventually cheated on her, what’s a girl to do? Have revenge sex (with his best bud). But holy crap, he doesn’t take it well and throws her to the curb. And poor Jen is bouncing all over the place - hence the reboundsex - So, now Jen is feeling kind of crappy because of what she’s done. But then a few weeks goes by and she has a chance to look back, and what does she say? Fuck Mistakes! From now on I regret nothing!

Murphy, thinking this is going to be a keeper!

vvb32 reads said...

LOL - great combos