Sunday, February 28, 2010

Closing Ceremonies: Did You Make Your Goal?

Back during the opening ceremonies, we posted our writing goals and joined teams.

Did you make your goal?

Brag about it in the comments so we can applaud your great efforts!

Anyone who made their goal can swipe this nifty graphic. (*If your blog or website has a commercial purpose, check the rules in your jurisdiction about whether you can display this emblem. An alternate emblem for those of you in this situation will be provided once we get it from our graphics guru.)

I made my goal -- 2 novellas line edited plus 3 revision letters written. (Actually, I beat my goal and edited 2.5 novellas, but one of them was very short.) So I'm going to post the graphic in the sidebar as a reminder that setting a goal and reaching it is good for the soul.



Riley Murphy said...

I exceeded my goal! :) I was team submission. Man, I SO want to say something - every time I type that. :D But, I’ll restrain myself (hey, that had something to do with what I was going to say, Hmm...restraints). *sigh* But I’ll be good. So, I finished my query and synopsis - and took the plunge, and sent it out, and guess what I got? A request for more! I hear you saying NO! But this is a big YES! Awesome! And it’s all because your Olympic extravaganza pushed me to set a goal and just do it. Thanks guys!


Susan Helene Gottfried said...

I way overachieved. Team Editing. Idea was 50 pages. I went 119. Even surprised myself when I laughed out loud at my own writing.

All this under extreme stress, or it'd have been more. WAY more. Maybe I would have polished off the whole thing.

Ahh, well. This gives me something to do this week, I suppose...

Amy said...

I did it! I did it! I made it all the way through my first round of edits on my first novel. I know there is still a long way to go but I am so happy I got this far. Thanks for the encouragement!


Sorry thats a lot os exclaimation points but I am very happy.

Edittorrent said...

Special tip of the hat to Amy -- first edits on first book, that's a big deal. You get a special dispensation to exclamation-mark at will. :)


Dave Shaw said...

Made it! Finished the draft (after throwing out several scenes and resetting), and edited the first 13 chapters (plus a few extra scenes here and there). Still have a lot to do, though (like comment on all the heat winners...).

Murphy, are ya scared yet? LOL

Riley Murphy said...

Hi Dave,
Scared of what? Submitting? I could SO say something here - once again - but I won't. :D But to answer your question? No, of course not. Truthfully, I was more scared before I pitched the sucker. You know, it's all that breaking of the ice thing (how appropriate given the challenges :) ). Anyway, wasn't it eight months ago that I didn't know what a pitch was, and now I'm talk about that beast like it's an old hat. It’s all about the journey, isn’t it?


Darkspires said...

I revised two queries and two synopsis. Sent out four queries for two books and Subbed four short stories. So yes, my goals are more than met.

Hannah said...

I made my goal of 10k but hopefully next time I will surpass it.

And I submitted a short into a contest. A first for me!


Jami Gold said...

Congratulations to everyone for pushing themselves!

I failed with Team Editing (crashed right out of the starting gate, apparently), enjoyed the Olympic experience with Team Submission (met my goal), and rocked the house Gold-Medal-style with Team Drafting (goal: 500 words; actual: 10K words). :)

Jami G.

Anonymous said...

Brilliant work everyone!

I'm another failure - for Team Drafting. Although it doesn't feel like a failure by any measure, lol :)

My promised 8 chapters morphed into 8 chapters plus redrafting 4 other chapters. I completed 6 chapters and redrafted 3 chapters. I ended up writing almost 28,000 words. So I'm happy. This book will hit 'The End' by Sunday night (if I put it out there, it will happen).

Jordan said...

I met my goal! I did a revision on my novel and cut off 8000 words (and 34 pages) from 98,000 words. I was hoping to cut more a little more, but I'm pretty happy. I didn't think I was going to make it with 100 pages left with two days to go. 80 pages my last day FTW.

And on Team Submission, I think I almost have my chapter ready to submit tomorrow. Got seven crits on it, so that helped. Still a few things I want to tweak tomorrow before I send it in.

Hannah said...

I exceeded my goal at Team Drafting. Now I'm super excited, because I've only got four or so chapters until I finish my first draft!

feywriter said...

I did not meet my Team Drafting goal, but DID meet my submissions goal of querying ten agents. That felt good. :-)

Sylvia said...

*slinks into the room*

I didn't make my goal. I was supposed to write, edit and send one submission.

I almost made the writing goal (in fact, if you count the wasted words I wrote trying to get a 300 word story, I exceeded it!). I was short on the editing goal though and I didn't send out a non-fiction submission although I did send an unexpected submission for a novella (cross fingers for me!).

Still, I pushed myself harder than I normally would have - and had great fun doing these exercises.

A big congrats to all of you who made your goals - especially those who exceeded your own expectations!

It sounds like we all got a lot of work done in February, that's for sure.