Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Right This Minute

Alicia and I are sitting across the table from each other. Bottle of red number two is open and ready for tasting. We're reading over some old blog posts, reminiscing and tossing around ideas as we sometimes do. She's currently declaiming on the pointlessness of italics for interior monologue, and she's not getting much argument from me. The word "bling" figures prominently in our conversation tonight.

Dinner was at a hole-in-the-wall Thai place on the corner. I think we stunned the other patrons in this tiny restaurant by giggling about comma wars. They didn't get the joke.

Real posts will resume once sobriety has been restored. Meantime, here's a question for you all. Do we think there's such a creature as the Bling Fairy? Some ditzy chick in a pink tutu with a basket full of dots and dashes, sprinkling punctuation like glitter wherever she goes?

I say yes.

Only cuz it would explain a lot.


ETA: And now Alicia is googling for clip art of fairies. Clearly, we need a mascot for this blog. And we have decided with all due deliberation that if we can't find a suitable clip of a Bling Fairy, then John Hamm will have to do.


dolorah said...

*claps hands* I believe, I believe.

*claps harder*


Dave Shaw said...

Wouldn't a bling fairy have trouble flying with all that gold?

Just sayin'...

Ian said...

I found you a picture of a bling fairy tattoo (work-safe). Her outfit seems to be made primarily of commas and periods with a sprinkling of hyphens. Enjoy!


Christina Lee said...

Now THAT"S the kind of dinner I want to be part of!
yes bling fairy...I believe!

Anonymous said...

What's wrong with italics for interior monologue? Unnecessary, perhaps, but I'd say they can be convenient, if used sparingly.

Of course, my own penchant for Faulknerian stream-of-consciousness flashbacks in italics might influence my opinion somewhat....

Eva Gale said...

Ha! I'll be the Bling Fairy. As long as I get to smack people with the wand.

Speaking of fairies, here:


scroll down to A Knock at the Door

-and I'm another one that hates italicized interior monologue.

Lisa_Gibson said...

I totally believe. I'm also not big on italics for internal dialogue. Seems unnecessary.

Wes said...

Just say no to italics for interior monologue.

Jami Gold said...

I may be a big believer in the muse, but Bling Fairy - not so much. :) I just love using dashes all over the place in my first drafts because that's how my internal voice is. Almost every sentence has some sort of reversal or opposition. Dashes are handy for that attitude. During revisions, 95% of them get changed to commas, however.

In my ms, I'm edging further away from italics for internal dialogue, but I have to keep some of it in italics for plot reasons (a telepathy sort of thing).

Jami G.
(and I'd love to sit at a table with the two of you discussing comma wars... LOL!)

Kayelle Allen said...

I feel vindicated after reading this. Yesterday, I went thru my ms and deleted 99% of the few "--" that I had.

House style for my publisher requires italics for internal dialogue, and I like it because you know for sure what it is.

As for the bling fairy and the weight of gold. Duh! Fairy gold has negative properties. Everybody knows that. It's why they can sprinkle pixie dust on ice cream and it takes away the calories.

A bling fairy is absolutely possible. I know, because look at the floating mountains on Pandora (Avatar). =^_^= If mountains can float, then surely, fairies can sprinkle bling.

Deb Salisbury, Magic Seeker and Mantua-Maker said...

LOL on the bling fairy!

My crit group had hysterics because my interior monologue was not italicised. Sigh.

Whirlochre said...

Bling fairy —
Emily Dickinson —

Leona said...

if all else fails, I can draw you something :) just tell me what you want. I've been looking for subjects to draw LOL

Leona said...

if all else fails, I can draw you something :) just tell me what you want. I've been looking for subjects to draw LOL