Monday, February 15, 2010

Heat #3: Doggerel Sled Racing

This is a judged event, and it's open to all Pen Olympics Team members.

Doggerel. adjective
Etymology: Middle English dogerel, probably diminutive of dogge dog
Date: 14th century
: loosely styled and irregular in measure especially for burlesque or comic effect; also : marked by triviality or inferiority

For today's Heat, we invite you to write a short comic verse on the topic of writing, winter, or athletics. Send your entries to edittorrent at gmail dot you-know-what. Entries will be posted anonymously on the blog, and judges -- that's everyone who reads the blog -- will be invited to vote for their favorites. The winner will receive a special Medal graphic and wicked cool bragging rights.

Get your entries in no later than February 18, 2010. We'll post the competitors the following day.

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Holly Rutchik said...

Watching the 2010 Winter Olympics Opening Ceremonies was like working out to Enya!