Sunday, February 28, 2010

Heat Winner: Doggerel Sled Racing

Congratulations to Sylvia!

Sylvia penned the winning doggerel, Entry #4, an ode to procrastination!

Sylvia, you win this totally awesome gold medal to display on your website or blog, AND you get wicked cool bragging rights!


Riley Murphy said...

Congratulations Sylvia! You kicked my ass! Geez, that doesn't sound sporting, does it? *insert the Jeopardy theme here* Oh, okay, I got it! ;) You did an amazing job, girl! Pen on!

Murphy :D

Jami Gold said...

Congratulations, Sylvia!

Even though you completely wiped the floor against my entry, you deserve it - I liked yours better! :)

Jami G.

Dave Shaw said...

Congrats, Sylvia! I enjoyed your entry. :-)

Sylvia said...

Thank you. *blush*

I think I'll keep the day job though :)

fairyhedgehog said...

Congratulations, sylvia! That's a fun poem.