Wednesday, February 24, 2010

This Just In

Today at Fierce Romance, one of my authors, Carly Carson, blogged about something that might interest the edittorrent readers. Remember the Curling heat where we talked about the unromantic romantic gesture? Go read her real life story. It will warm any writer's heart.



Dave Shaw said...

Cool! Probably a lot less painful than being stabbed in the heart, too. ;-)

Leona said...

A good lesson to be learned for anyone wanting to buy that something special for their loved one.

Idk if you have seen the comments following edittorrent's, but another woman told of a special man who listened to her likes and dislikes and packaged an awesome gift for her.

Kudos for linking to this post. BTW I follow her regularly :) But Edittorrent is my first love LOL