Thursday, July 21, 2022

I had an article about me here about giving video feedback with writing advice--

Use Feedback Videos to Improve Retention and Growth in Online Writing Courses

Typed comments on papers can feel accusatory. This writing professor (and prolific writer) uses psychology and technology to set a positive tone.


Alicia Rasley, MA

Adjunct Assistant Professor of English and Writing Advisor, University of Maryland University College

MA and BA in English Literature

Rasley’s free e-book: Outline Your Plot in 60 Minutes

Award-winning author Alicia Rasley, MA, was inspired to become a better instructor, at least in part, by her experience teaching at a university with a 50% failure rate.

An award-winning author of nine novels and several nonfiction works (including a book on how to write books), Rasley has always been passionate about writing.

So, several years ago, Rasley was not happy when she found herself at an institution with “a focus on gatekeeping.” There, after a series of assessments, one group of students would be allowed to continue their studies, but the “gate” would close for those not deemed worthy to move on. That amounted to about half of her students. For Rasley, that idea was absurd.

Students need to be supported, she says, especially when they are stepping outside of their comfort zone. So she moved on—to a more supportive school. Now, as an adjunct assistant professor and writing advisor at University of Maryland University College, she makes “supportiveness” a focal point in her teaching.

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