Friday, February 18, 2011

writer's resources

For a newbie workshop, I'm working on a list of helpful links and resources for writers (fiction and non-fiction).

I'm especially interested in sites with information about publishers and contracts.

But also in sites that help writers connect with other writers, especially for critiques.

And really any site you think would be helpful, especially for those just starting out or those just starting to submit.

Any ideas? Thanks! You make my life easier!


Melissa said...

The site lets you submit your story for critiques or critique other stories. You have to earn points by critiquing others before you can submit your story to be critiqued. I've never used it personally as I never got any of my WIP to that point yet (bad me) but I have a NaNoWriMo pal who loves it.

Unknown said...

It's funny, I just re-posted this last week in my blog:

It's a list of resources for fantasy writers, with everything from plot, general craft, creating languages, medieval economy, to clothing, to weaponry and war logistics.

Not sure if it's what you're looking for, but wouldn't be a bad post to link for your genre fiction writers.

Also, was really useful for feedback before I had a consistent writing group.

ClothDragon said...

are the two social sites I've liked. You can do some connecting with LinkedIn, but I haven't really gone deeply into that one.

Susan Helene Gottfried said...

OMG, do not do ANYTHING without first reading the archived Miss Snark. Then go to Kristin Nelson's blog. Check on Janet Reid and the gang at Dystel Goderich. Bookends. Umm... who else blogs?

And finally, before you start sending out queries, give it a pass through the shark's teeth -- Query Shark.

(yeah, like I should talk. Miss Indie Author here.)

Annette said...

I can't say enough about Absolute Write.

Writers of all skill levels including multi-published successful authors, agents and editors participate. They advise, share experiences, dialogue with posters. There's a section for critiques and just about anything writing related, including great information on agents and publishers.

Sari Webb said...

I find writers' forums a great place to find critique partners. I found mine through Nathan Bransford's forums. Forward Motion for Writers is also a great resource for finding critique partners and other stuff.

Rachelle Gardner & Kristin Nelson often do posts on publishing contracts and other post agent issues.

Deb Salisbury, Magic Seeker and Mantua-Maker said...

Some great places to connect with writers are Forward Motion, at , and QueryTracker Forum at Both are frequented by friendly, helpful people.

Leona said...

This is my home page. Jenna Petersen runs this and it is absolutely awesome. It has links for agents, their blogs and their submission guidelines, publishers, their home pages and submission guidelins and any updated information on those agents and publishers.

It's focused primarily on the romance genre, but can be a good way to find your way to a multitude of agents blogs.

Also, she makes notes if things change--people with complaints, writer's beware, that kind of thing.

And obviously, I'm sure you are marking YOUR BLOG. I send people here all the time. Don't know if they actually make it, but I try. :D

Chemist Ken said...

Thanks for all the suggestions, especially the ones that help you find a crit partner, a process I've just started pursuing. The only problem I see is that there are so many good sites to visit, I probably won't get any writing done for a month.

Adrian said... is a new-ish Q&A site for writers of all kinds. They talk about problems with writing, as well as business stuff like publishers, agents, contracts, self-pubbing, etc.

Edittorrent said...

Thanks, all! I didn't know about some of these.