Thursday, February 10, 2011

Alicia's March Workshop -- Synopsis Writing

Do you have to write a synopsis? Do you dread it?

Are your queries and proposals being form-rejected, and you know you’re writing well?

Is your synopsis too long and you can’t figure out how to cut it?

Well, this class is for you. In two weeks, we’re going to work on creating a sensational synopsis of any length, from the one paragraph version for a query or pitch, a one-pager, or a longer one to go with the proposal. You choose!

The trick is to leave the plot behind. Too many writers get bogged down in events, and end up with a boring chronicle of “this happened, then this happened.” I can tell you from having to evaluate many proposals that this sort of synopsis will bore the editor– yes, no matter how good your story is. Instead, we’ll concentrate on writing a synopsis that reflects your entire story, not just the plot. I call it the SCORE method:






By focusing your presentation on that, you can weave in plot events but never lose the coherence and intensity of the story. In this interactive workshop, you’ll work on presenting your own story in your own voice, so that the editor will want to read the book.

If you’re facing the difficult job of writing a synopsis, here’s your chance to get expert guidance and feedback. This two-week class will be conducted entirely in an email list, with a limited number of students. SCORE with Your Synopsis will start March 1, and costs $50. To sign up and pay for the class, click the Buy Now button in the sidebar, or email


Crittias said...

SynPopsis? Are you coining a new term? The popular synopsis? :-)

Typo or new term aside, I'm in. This is perfect timing for getting my query in to the Backspace Query Letter Contest.

Edittorrent said...

Thanks, Crittias. I corrected that. That's what I get for moving quickly and not proofing.