Sunday, November 14, 2010

More publishing follies

James Frey resurfaces.


KatOwens: Insect Collector said...

All I can say is wow.
It's stunning.
Would be curious to know what insiders think of this. Will it crowd out YA authors who are doing it the old fashioned way? By old fashioned I mean, you know, writing books? or will it ultimately make money that allows the houses to take on less "blingy" projects?

Edittorrent said...

Well, I'm thinking that it's going to be hard to make much money his way. But there's some famous painter in NYC (sorry, can't think of the name, one of those "outrageous" fellas) who employs a bunch of artists to paint "his" paintings (or whatever it is he sells) and then sells them for zillions, and everyone knows it, and it's okay, I guess, that his hands didn't wield the brush.

It's easy to get cynical. And once again we learn that there is almost nothing that will make insiders outsiders!