Sunday, December 27, 2009

We're #1!

Iapetus puts us number 1! (And please don't say "in no particular order." #1 is #1. :)



Andrew Rosenberg said...

It was a combination of quality and quantity that put you up at #1.

I read a post today where the agent(editor?) stated: "I'll no longer be providing detailed reasons why I'm rejecting a partial or full manuscript. The fact is that it's simply not my job to make a writer's work better."
(she's not on my lists BTW)

That's why I like sites like yours--you want people to make better submissions. Thanks for keeping it up and I look forward to more in MMX!

Skeptic said...

I think you and Theresa are GREAT, Alicia, and you have been #1 on my Google homepage for almost all of 09 - since I first stumbled on the blog.

Mostly, I lurk on all the blogs I read (which is unusual because I am very outspoken IRL). I don't know if lets you track how many read without commenting but I suspect I am not alone in that activity. :)

Happy New Year to both of you and THANK YOU so much again, for all you give to writers!


Edittorrent said...

Skeptic, I confess I check the blog stats once a year, whether I need to or not. ;) You are far from alone. Thanks for coming out of lurkdom, and please do so whenever the mood strikes! We love comments!

Andrew, I thanked you on your blog, but will repeat it here -- thank you. It means a lot to us to know that we're reaching the people we hope to help.

Who knows it actually *is* her job to make a writer's work better

Edittorrent said...

Theresa, can you find out what countries commenters come from? Any exotic ones?

Edittorrent said...

Just for you, Alicia, I dug up the password and checked the stats. :) Today alone, we've had readers from America, Canada, England, New Zealand, Australia, Germany, Spain, Cyprus, the Philippines, Portugal, France, Italy (quite a few Italians today, actually -- ciao, scriventi!), the United Arab Emirates, and Argentina.

If I could remember how to use this software, I might be able to tell you more than that, like annual stats or something. Alas, my brain is not with me today, so that sort of exploration will have to wait for another day.

Fun, though, ain't it?


Leona said...

Congrats! We keep telling you your the greatest :)

Julie Harrington said...

I'd say I was surprised, but I'm not. This blog is amazing and the advice (and the people who post their comments) always amazing. I'm forever pointing writing friends here and telling them they *have* to read here. Not only unending ways to learn and grow and get glimpses into the business of publishing, but several generous opportunities for hands on feedback that I don't think you'll find anywhere else. Generousity & wisdom all in one place. :)


Wes said...

There is no contest!! Your blog gives the best advice and coaching to wannabe writers of any. Please don't stop.

Wes said...

And lurkers, please come out. Give us the benefit of your thoughts. It's a friendly group. Nobody gets attacked except me by Murphy.

"....I read a post today where the agent(editor?) stated: "I'll no longer be providing detailed reasons why I'm rejecting a partial or full manuscript. The fact is that it's simply not my job to make a writer's work better."...." This floors me. There are so many comments that could be made I don't know where to start. As a businessman when I'm wearing my sales hat and I don't make a sale, I appreciate the prospect telling me why. By the same token, when I'm purchasing from vendors, I feel it is my duty to tell the unsuccessful bidders why they didn't get the business if they want to know. Why should publishing be different?

Riley Murphy said...

Totally awesome! Well done on your pick lapetus999! Theresa and Alicia deserve the spot! I've said it before, and I'll say it again, Edittorrent's professional generosity is unparalleled! A mitten full of gold stars for both of you!!! ;)

And, on an entirely different note...

(insert me clearing my throat loudly here)

Wes, Wes, Wes! Here I am, minding my own business (actually I've been stuck in Holiday hell for the last 10 days or so) and what do I find on the very day I feel recovered enough to face the world again, but your flippant little dig? Now, I ask anyone out there, lurkers or regulars alike - who is attacking whom?

I pick on you? Wes! Sheesh! I'd be crushed if I didn't suspect that this notion was driven by the onset of dementia - or maybe you've been double dipping in the ensure punch bowl this holiday season? Either way, I forgive you. :D


Wes said...

You failed to capitalize Ensure.

Riley Murphy said...

Ha! Interesting that you knew exactly what I was referring to - humm, did I forget to capitalize, or was it perhaps a clever test? You be the judge, but I'd hurry up if I were you, it's nearly past your bedtime! :D


Dave Shaw said...

You guys! (eye roll)

Today's only the 4th day of Christmas, you know. We should still be doing the 'Peace on Earth, good will toward other writers' bit. ;-)

Riley Murphy said...


It's here in black and white! I didn't start it, Wes did! That being said, Dave, you're absolutely right. How neglectful of me. Did you have a wonderful holiday? Are you enjoying the 'Peace on Earth', good will toward other writers' bit this season? I only ask because, um, I can't say I'm feeling it. Truth be told, I'm not feeling much right now, I'm kind of numb from the neck up - Christmas (regardless of the day) has a tendency to do that to me.

Theresa! I was thinking about you over the holiday. Yes siree! When my neighbor delivered a nice Christmas yule log to our door you can bet your ‘sweet bippy’ I was thinking of you! Thanks for that! :D

Murphy (who just realized she didn't catch poor Wes in time. He must have shuffled off to bed...oh, dear).

Leona said...

Yeah, Wes, she doesn't only pick on you :P Besides, she's right, you started this one LOL

Murphy, he's in bed cuz he's a youngin' and still needs his beauty sleep.

On a more somber note, I'm not feeling the days of Christmas much either. We're getting ready to go back to WA and my MIL and daughter are here. They had only been here few hours when we got a call that MIL's uncle died in a house fire. Luckily we were already planning a trip. We spent the extra money and are sending MIL and my daughter back early on the plane and leaving two days earlier ourselves.

Maybe you all can send some of those happy Christmas wishes our way. Peace on Earth would be good right now.

Reading this blog is keeping me sane :D

Riley Murphy said...


I'm sorry things are tough for you right now. All good thoughts coming your way! All the best for you and yours!

Murphy :D

Dave Shaw said...

Leona, my deepest condolences for your loss. I know what a shock it is to lose someone unexpectedly.

Murphy, yes, me and mine had a good Christmas. I'm sorry yours left you so numb.

em said...

Murphy, we thought you were sick and now we find out you were only hiding?:( Does this mean you'll be answering your emails?;)

Leona, sorry for your loss and I hope things get better for you soon.

Wes said...


I send my best wishes during your time of loss. You are a good person with many trials. Bless you.

But never forget, Murphy has a mean streak. She may look cute and everything, but she has an evil twin.

Riley Murphy said...

Yes, Em, check your inbox. ;)

A mean streak? An evil twin? Boy do I wish that were true! Both would have come in handy over the last week or so. :D

Geez Wes, it's a little early for you to be so cranky. Are you okay? I'm worried about you.

Edittorrent said...

Leona, so sorry for your loss.

Jami Gold said...

Theresa & Alicia: Congratulations!

Leona: I'm so sorry to hear about your loss. Know that I'm thinking of you.

Wes: Sorry, but you did start it this time. :)

Murphy: I'm glad to see you back online. And you wore your fireproof jacket - good thinking! :)

Jami G.
(off to check out Iapetus's list...)

Leona said...

Thank you everyone for your support :)

See, this is why this blog is number one, We all stick together!

Wes, I thought Murray choked on a green olive :P I thought her evil twin was gone forever. **sigh

Dave Shaw said...

Choked on an olive? I was more concerned that she got caught in one of Murray's schemes. (Does that name 'Murray' make anyone else here think of Teal'c from Stargate SG-1?)

namaste said...

I may be biased, but edittorent is the best blog about writing I have read. namaste