Monday, March 24, 2008

Voting Is Now Open

We have eight wickedly funny entries in the disastrous POV contest.

This is the place to vote for your favorite. Leave a comment to this post, and this post only, telling us which entry gets your vote. All entries are anonymous, but please sign your votes -- even initials will suffice -- and one vote per person, please. We'll leave voting open for one week -- so, get your vote in by next Monday, March 31.

If you vote in a comment thread to one of the entries, chances are your vote will not be counted. Vote here, please.

Have fun! I know I was quite amused with these entries!



Anonymous said...

'Dinner is Served' gets my vote.


Edittorrent said...

I'm glad I can't vote, because they're all funny!

Ian said...

Sweatin' It Out left a wonderfully horrid taste in my mouth.


Anonymous said...

"A Lucky Charm" needs more than luck to help it make sense! Yikes!


Dave Shaw said...

I have to go with Start a Fight (and not because of the 'phased plasma blaster', although that was a cute touch).

Anonymous said...

Start a fight is, technically speaking, the best example of confused viewpoints, and under the rules of the game I shall vote for it.;

Dinner is Served is great for being a coherent short story, but the writer of Not a Moment to Spare has my full admiration, because "Ow," whispered the affronted door. Spitefully, it expanded itself, knowing it would make their exit a struggle. is made of win.

And may I point out that the exquisite 'Blackberry Wine' by very fine writer Joanne Harris is written from the PoV thereof, and what a wonderfully crafted novel it is? Under those circumstances, I don't think I can allow 'viewpoint of inanimate objects' as a criterium for 'bad viewpoint.'

Genella deGrey said...

All of them were good/bad - I laughed out loud at every one of them! :)

Although the pizza one was really amusing, I'm voting for 'Start a Fight.'

I hope Larry got blasted, and not because it's my horrid ex-husband's name.

Well, OK, maybe--


PatriciaW said...

A Lucky Charm.


Jody W. and Meankitty said...

I want to vote on the entry most likely to occur in the "wild", so I pick "Drawing Straws". Subtly headhoppy, yet oh so hard to follow!

Jody W.

Unhinged said...

I'm with green_knight. I vote for Not a Moment to Spare. _winka_

C.L. Gray said...

General Confusion. It has many points of view, but somehow, you can still follow the story.