Monday, March 24, 2008

Entry #4: Dinner Is Served

Reaching for another slice, the pizza’s savory essence filled many nostrils. And a few gaping mouths, too. Which is okay, because pizza is supposed to do that.

“Especially at dinner time.” The cheese stretched in long gooey strings between the slices. “Why pepperoni?”

Why indeed. “Pizza comes in many flavors.” The coupon said, “Two dollars off a large pepperoni pizza.”

Staring in disbelief, pouring a little more red wine in the rapidly emptying glasses, only green peppers would have improved the matter.

“Ha! Green peppers ruin a pizza.”

A greasy chin quivered with suppressed emotion. And a few chewing motions. Who would rather fight than eat?

Well, that settles that. Next time, we’re ordering Chinese.

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Ian said...

I'll comment on this one (because I didn't write it but I wish I had). It's brilliant. Somebody's been paying attention to what y'all have been writing in your posts... ;)