Sunday, March 16, 2008

Fair Warning, Or, Butler Got Robbed

Here's a little mystery for you all to solve. The clues are:

1. Kansas? Maybe. North Carolina? Doubt it.

2. I will live on pizza and avoid answering the phone Thursday through Sunday, and then intermittently until Monday, April 7.

3. I'm seriously concerned about the marriage of some friends of mine. She went to Baylor. He went to Purdue. They live within an easy drive of DC. Can this marriage be saved?

4. Butler should have been a 5.

5. My blog posts have been sporadic this last week, and probably will be again this week. My plan this year is the same as every year: clear the decks, hang a "Do Not Disturb" sign around my neck, then watch the whole thing. There will be yelling. There is always yelling. There will be very little work done. This includes blog posts, emails, and the like. Fair warning.

Today may be the 16th day of the month, but it's the first day that really feels like March!



Anonymous said...

Gee, are you a college basketball fan? :)

Ian said...

Huh? Stanley Cup playoffs don't begin for another month or so. What could possibly compare to that in importance? ;)


Edittorrent said...

Butler should have been a 4. But they thrive on being underestimated.

Alicia (Butler alum X 2)

Susan Helene Gottfried said...

I'm with Ian.

But Go Pitt.

moonette said...

Butler, hmmm? Gerard Butler is no less than a 10 in my book. And that's as far as my understanding of your post went. :)

I hope you enjoy the games.

PatriciaW said...

Completely understand. Go Big Red! (Cornell, that is.)

And we're back!

Excuse the minor mental lapse there.

Go Hoyas!

Edittorrent said...

Butler is a small college with a great basketball team-- oh, it was also a college which started out as co-educational AND non-discriminatory racially... in the 1850s. Founded by an abolitionist who was dedicated to education from both men and women. For that reason alone, you should support Butler in the NCAA tourney if you're not supporting another team. :)


Edittorrent said...

I have a less altruistic reason for hearting Butler. They used to let me walk my dog in that enormous back field of theirs, the one behind Hinkle. Good memories.

I do think the current Butler team plays college ball the right way. Tight and tough.

And Cornell, welcome back! I'm all in favor of the Ivy League champion winning a round or two.


Anonymous said...

Weeellll, since I went to IU, I'll be rooting for them. But since they'll probably meet UNC in the second round, they're toast after that.


Edittorrent said...

Hinkle is one of the great basketball stadiums in the world. They "renovated" it, and it still looks like it did in Hinkle's day!

(If you guys are interested, rent "Hoosiers" -- a very nice little film, and Gene Hackman is heartbreaking-- as the final game takes place in Hinkle, as the model final game did.)

Edittorrent said...

And Theresa, don't want to break your heart, but Triumph's field is now a new dormitory. But the field across the canal is still there!

Edittorrent said...

Julie, you can root for Butler. I have a friend in Texas who agreed to root for the 'Dawgs, because her team won't meet them till the finals, and for some reason, she didn't think she needed to worry about that!

Anonymous said...

Oh! Basketball. ;-)

I'm a Hoosier, too, a Terre Haute gal, Gerstmeyer HS and ISUx2. Went to a few music contests at BU. I was back in Indianapolis in '01 and was surprised at how small the place really is, when I thought it was so HUGE when I was a kid.

now an Aussie

Unhinged said...

I'm a Hoosier Girl! But I don't know diddly about sports. I never would have solved this mystery.

I took a few writing and web design courses at IFPW (in Fort Wayne).

now in Los Angeles