Tuesday, March 11, 2008

A Little Contest To Celebrate Alicia's New Book

My wicked little mind wants to do something fun to amuse Alicia today. Her book comes out today, and we weren't going to make a fuss about it on the blog -- she's one of those low-fuss people, you know. But I sort of want to fuss over her anyway. (Deal with it, doll.)

Announcing a New Contest!

So here's what we're going to do. Alicia had to wade through thousands of pov examples for her book, so we're going to kick that up a notch. Or down a notch, as the case may be.

Send us your made-up, original, 300-word examples of pov disasters. Head-hopping? Check. Can't tell who's controlling the pov? Check. Suspect, but can't prove, that the teakettle is the pov character, and the humans are mere spectators? Check.

Send your entries to edittorrent at gmaildotcom. We're going to post them here and let readers cast votes for their faves. S/he who gets the most votes, wins!

And the winner will get ... um, lessee ... we'll make it a copy of Alicia's character building booklet, because I think that would be useful to any of our readers, regardless of the genre you write in.

(Don't you love how I do that? In one neat post, I manage to fuss over someone who's shy of fusses, spoof her book, invite you all to spoof it with me, and offer something of hers as a prize. dusts off hands.... My work here is done!)


ETA: In a display of my formidable powers of organization, I failed to specify a deadline for entries. Heck, I failed to even think of the possibility that we might need one. (sigh) We'll call it March 21 -- ten days ought to be enough time to indulge your inner crappy writer. Best not let that monster out of the cage for too long, eh?

Also, thanks much to those of you who have already entered. I needed a laugh today.


Liane Gentry Skye said...

You really do know how to help a gal waste time LOL. I think I burst my spleen by laughing so hard.

Nicole North said...

Congratulations on the release of your book, Alicia!!!

Anonymous said...

This contest should be fun. I thought it would be sort of mean to find BAD examples in published work (and there are lots), so you can indulge me with some flights of fancy.

What's scary is-- you all are going to TRY to be bad. Some of the samples I read -- in edited, published books-- were probably worse, and they were trying to be good. :)


Jody W. and Meankitty said...

Oh, you did NOT just invite me to send some bad writing examples! I absolutely adore writing crap! (Now hush up, that's supposed to be IRONIC.)

*rubbing hands together*

Jody W.

Liane Gentry Skye said...

LOL, Jody, my crap is worse than your crap any day of the week, so THERE. The crapola gauntlet has been dropped :D

Liane Gentry Skye said...

I just ordered your book, Alicia. I have found this blog priceless, and it constantly amazes me after reading it that I've ever managed to craft anything publishable!

C.L. Gray said...

I'm new to posting to this blog, though I have read it and learned so much. Since we are talking about POV, may I ask a very simple (albeit a stupid) question. Let's say there are four characters in a scene, sitting on a porch, having a conversation. POV is Character A. Now, I understand that if the reader is to know what Characters B,C, and D are thinking or feeling, somehow it has to be communicated through Character A. But what if Character B throws a rock into the yard. Do I have to qualify it. Character A saw Character B throw a rock. Or, can it be assumed that if Character B does it that Character A witnessed it. Any advice would be appreciated. And if it was truly a stupid question, I apologize...

Ian said...

Entry sent. *burrrrrrp*


Unhinged said...

How long, how long, how long do we have? What's the deadline?

Dave Shaw said...

Hmm - I think this calls for a migraine, Imitrex, and a dose or two of Benadryl... ;-)