Friday, January 20, 2012

Today at Romance University

We're starting a new line editing series at Romance University today. If you send in the first 2 or so pages of your manuscript, I will line edit them and explain what I would change and why I would change it. Take a look at today's column to see what you would be in for if you volunteered your pages. Editor Gina Bernal (currently with Carina, formerly with, um, Ballantine? can't remember) will be alternating months with me, so this should be a lot of fun. I don't know how they're choosing which pages go to which editor, but Gina is very talented, so you would be in good hands with her, too.

In the interest of full disclosure, I should tell you that Jody Wallace, who sent in the pages for the column today, is a Red Sage author. I never had the pleasure of editing her when I worked there, but I certainly kept my eye on her and her projects. It was fun for me to be able to dig into her prose myself. 

On a side note, thank you to everyone who has sent good wishes to my mom for a speedy recovery. It's been a difficult, stressful time, but the good news is that she will make a full recovery.


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Julie Harrington said...

Line edits are, imo, under-appreciated. Granted you can't obsess about them forever, but they still have their place ad I was once told "nitpicking" on that level was a waste of time. RME. I think this is a great series to add to the Ask An Editor and hopefully everybody will be taking advantage of the opportunity by sending in their first 2 pages/250 words. It'll be a great learning tool for everybody involved. :)

Thanks for the heads up!