Monday, January 30, 2012

I have a guest blog post

and another!

See, I'm so addicted to blogging, I do it in my spare time. :)

Also-- I don't know how to get followers except by begging. Can some of you just follow us so I can prove to my friend Lynn there is a reason for Twitter?
Alicia Rasley and Lynn Kerstan are tweeting as . Two novellas about two sisters, see? Tweeting sisters- Twisters.

And if you have advice on how to achieve world domination or at least a bit of notice through Twitter, plz share. (See! I've learned twitter-spelling!)



Susan Helene Gottfried said...

It's all about the communication, Alicia. Remember: Twitter is about connections, not about shouting into an already crowded room.

Also, lots of people are wary of the egg avatar, so you guys will need your own. I have a feeling you'll come up with a doozy.

See ya over there...

Jenny said...

If my preferred length was 120 character, I wouldn't write books. Tweets are too evanescent for me, and make it too hard to say anything meaningful.

Laura K. Curtis said...

You're actually tweeting as @RegencyTwisters, not as #RegencyTwisters.!/RegencyTwisters

Alicia said...

Jenny, well, you know I agree with you. In fact, I think Twitter will ruin discourse forever, but just think what I'll go through to sell a book.

Susan, okay, I put up our boxed set book cover as an avatar. Now everyone will think that Lynn and I are hot young ladies in bonnets.

Sexy bonnets.

Laura, so what's the hashtag for? I don't get this. It means "number" to me. I feel SO 20th century! I had to ask Theresa how to "retweet," which sort of sounds like what Wellington did so ably to win the Peninsular war. If, that is, he talked like Elmer Fudd.