Monday, January 2, 2012

New Year's Resolutions

It's sort of disspiriting to make NY resolutions after realizing that last year's are unachieved. (I have got to stop resolving to organize my office, because apparently it's never going to happen!)

But who has got a writing-related NY resolution?  What do you want to do, achieve, conquer this year?



Arloa Hart said...

Last year was a year of starting new projects. This year will be a year of finishing and submitting. Also starting a blog.

Edittorrent said...

I have things to finish, too, Arloa. Many things. Starting a blog is remarkably easy, but after a while, it can become challenging to come up with fresh content. It's a chance to exercise the old creative muscles then. :)

Julie Harrington said...

I have several things on my To Do This Year list. I want to finish my book proposal and get that in, try to write 3 books this year, get my website going, come up with an author brand (why is this so hard!?!?!?!) and get a routine going with my blog so it's updated on a schedule.


Gayle Carline said...

I "ordered" this from the Writer's Store (it's totally free and you just download it).

My biggest writing problem is doing it consistently. But I love to check things off a list. Wish me luck!

Wes said...

You are trying to embarass me by memorializing my future failures...........I prefer to focus on what I accomplished last year: I delivered a whole manuscript for theresa to critique, and I got a new horse.

MadWriter said...

New Year's Resolution: Finish out the last grammar/spelling check after the most recent revisions to my MS, actually write a query letter for the MS and submit it.

So I guess you could say my New Year's Resolution is just to put myself out there. Eek!

Kelsey (Dominique) Ridge said...

Most of my resolutions are about revising. I think this will be helpful to me. I churn out so much material during times like NaNo or my summer writing fests, that a focus on revising seems the most apropos to my life.

Alicia said...

My big problem is thinking I have to do everything Right Now, or not at all. School (work, I mean) starts Jan 18, but it's actually already starting (must prep), and I'm hearing that freedom clock tick down, and ... and I know if I don't get it done this week, I might not get it done!
But... must edit Charity, must get Regency blogs going, must deal with the IRS problem! (I guess that should come first. :)

green_knight said...

My new year's resolution is to _follow through_ with projects - I've just finished the draft of my new website (it's live, but the content is a bit sparse yet) - and I need to sit down and remedy that.
Having *finally* found a timeline application that works for me (TimeFlyer for Mac), I want to sort out the mess that is the Five Kingdoms (where one character needs to do three week's travelling in two days), self-publish the first two, and see how they do.
I want to do the rewrite on Conflicting Loyalties and send it out to agents/editors.
Finally, I want to finish both the Murdery Mystery and my currently-resting WIP.

All of these are good projects in various stages of completion. And while it's important that I give paying clients priority, I need to give myself permission to work on my stuff, too.

Here's to an all-round productive 2012!

Jeff Rasley said...

To get a response from a publisher who received my ms 3 months ago and promised an up or down decision wihin 6 weeks of receipt.