Friday, May 21, 2010

Ring-a-Ding Kids

Today over on Romance University, I answered a question about writing a scene in which the pov character overhears a phone call. Our own friend Murphy provided the question. Check it out!

Posting on this blog should pick up speed again over the next week or so. I've been in major triage on a project which should be wrapped by the end of today, and Alicia is on the road. Thanks for your patience.



Riley Murphy said...

Holy crap! :D I'm heading over. (hehehe)

Thanks T!

Sylvia said...

Wow, this is so enlightening! I liked Murphy's scene but then I read your comments and could see how it could be made much stronger. It was like suddenly being handed roadmap from good writing to awesome!

Wes said...

Dang, that Murphy is a dynamo! She'll make it. Soon we'll see her name in print.

Great tips, Theresa, on how to structure the scene.

That type of scene was used effectively in several Humphrey Bogart movies, particularly the Maltise Falcon as I recall. Garrison Keillor still uses it on Prairie Home Companion.