Monday, May 3, 2010

Eep! Is It May Already?

If it is, that means it's time for the Brenda Novak Juvenile Diabetes auction.

I'm giving away an evaluation of a full manuscript. Well, I'm giving it, but one lucky winner will be paying for it. And there are loads of other great items up for bid. I've got my eye on an ARC of Me, Myself and Why by Secrets alum MaryJanice Davidson, but lucky for the rest of you, there are two available. :)

Go bid and have fun!


Julie Harrington said...

I look forward to Brenda Novak's charity auction every year. I don't win most of the stuff, but what I love is looking through all the great items (from jewelry to electronics to basket raffles, etc) to the fabulously awesome opportunities generous writer, editors and agents offer up like MS critiques, partial crits, mentorships, etc. Add in website design, custom blog design, promotional advertising space, interviews, etc., and there's definitely something for everybody here. I've bid on a few things already and definitely spread the word to all my friends -- readers and writers. They're all excited and always happy to help out a worthy cause.


Riley Murphy said...

Holy Crapatoli! You're one expensive, I mean Chick!

Wow! Way to raise those bucks, T!

Murphy - who adds: I don't care what they say about you - this proves you ain't cheap ;)