Thursday, May 6, 2010

Quotation marks... still needed

Good article about quotation marks, or the lack thereof---


Jami Gold said...

Yep, good article. That's exactly how I interpret the disposal of perfectly good and functional quotation marks: an affectation to make your work seem more important.

If an author thinks that I should spend more time than necessary on their novel, that indicates to me that they don't mind wasting my time. And if that's the case, why should I trust that the whole story won't be a waste of my time? :)

Jami G.

Dave Shaw said...

Such a lovely firestorm in the comments over there. I didn't realize there were people with such an irrational hatred of standard English punctuation - well, outside my high school English classes, anyway. ;-)

Jami Gold said...

Hey Dave,

I've got a rat question for you (seriously) - I might be babysitting some. Email me, okay? :)

Jami G.