Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Who did Nano?

Who did Nanowrimo this November? Results?

No, not me. Sorry. I graded about 50K words of papers, but I don't think that counts!



Denny S. Bryce said...

Well you know I did! I must admit though part of my commitment hinged on avoiding embarrassment - I was included in the USA Today Happy Ever After blog for the entire month, which included updates on a group of writers Nanowrimo progress...


Stephen Kozeniewski said...

This guy did. I won. Worst thing I ever wrote.

Ian said...

I did. I always do. Hit my 50k on my spoofy space opera STARF*CKER. The novel's not done yet, but I'm still working on it. 8th time playing, 8th time winning. :)

And in case you missed it, Alicia & Theresa, my book JUST CAUSE came out from New Babel Books!

Jordan McCollum said...

It was my first time, and I won! I actually hit 50k on November 8 and finished at just under 79k on November 14. I loved it.

And it's NOT the worst thing I ever wrote. Yeah, it needs work, and I In fact, it's inspired me to come back to my most recent worst failure and fix it, too. (Here's hoping.)

Oh! The other reason November was pretty much the best month ever in my career--remember way back when, when we did Log Line #1 for my book (FBI agent undercover as a Catholic priest)? It was picked up a month ago :D . Scheduled for release in 2013!

Rachelle Ayala said...

Hit 50K Nov 10 and felt like barfing. Too many subplots, subcharacters and stupid situations. This one needs a new thematic overhaul.

So I started a second NaNo story Nov 15 and finished with 59K words. Now doing #PlotWriMo to make sense of it all. This one needs deepening. Aiming for 80K.

Leona said...

wow you guys rock! HIt my nano early and got stuck trying to do other things :) still, without writing on my Nano project last 13 days, still managed 52k :D

Stephanie said...

I completed my 2nd NANO this year with 60,000 words. It will need revisions but I'm saving that for another day.

PatriciaW said...

Just under 60k words in 19 days. My first NaNo win in 3 attempts. But wow, Jordan and Rachelle!

Congrats to everyone who participated.

Anonymous said...

Denny, nothing like public exposure to serve as an incentive. :)
Redleg, you know what Nora Roberts says: "I can fix a bad page. I can't fix a blank one."

Congrats, Ian and Jordan! I like to think the Nano-level persistence helps!

RAchel and Patricia, you are MONSTERS! Wow!

Leona and Stephanie too! I am impressed. Did the Nano format help you let go?


Rachelle Ayala said...

Thanks and congratulations to all. I like that I can fix it. Yes. That's what the rest of the year is for, fixing it. Gotta love revising and self-editing. Funny how I spend 1/12 of the year first drafting and 11/12 fixing.

Denny, congratulations on being in the article. Very interesting premise in one sentence.

Anonymous said...

I participated this year also, finish in two weeks and now I am revising my novel