Saturday, December 31, 2011

Blog about writing process

I'm starting a Goodreads blog to chronicle my writing process and the questions and problems that come up as I write. I doubt anyone's interested in this, but what the heck. Maybe some future anthropologist will find it illustrative of the creative process or something.

Anyway, come join me there if you like watching sausage get made, I mean a book get written, though this probably is something you know from your own experience.



Jude said...

I can't get Google Reader to recognize your blog. I tried the home page plus the RSS page.

I'm excited to read your new blog, so I am hoping you can figure out what might be preventing reader subscriptions.

Edittorrent said...

Let me try it out. But maybe it's because it's within the Goodreads site? I don't know. I'll try fiddling with the settings, or more likely, put Jenny on the case.:)


Leona said...

It's a conspiracy. I could get tot he blog, but Goodreads didn't let me sign in so I could add it to my follow stuff :((