Saturday, July 2, 2011

The true self

In many stories, the purpose of the plot events is to reveal "the true self," inside the persona the character exhibits to the world.

Here is an essay asking what it the true self, the Id or the Superego? (I'm using those terms, but the essay talks about the suppressed inner desire self vs. the self in moments of calm reflection.)

This certainly doesn't have to be a one or the other dilemma for fictionwriters. Our characters can reveal their true selves in moments that they lose control, or when they exhibit the most control. Which would you say your stories use most?

I was thinking that my stories are about letting go, about finding the true self by surrendering to desire, etc. But in fact, I think generally I have my protagonists most be themselves, their true selves, when they overcome their own desires to decide "what is best" and do that-- whether it's sacrificing the need for vengeance, or releasing someone you love from obligation.

Interesting... what about you? In your stories, which "true self" scenario most appeals to you?


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London Escort Service said...

There is true self that has a sense of integrity, of connected wholeness that harks to the early stage.