Wednesday, June 29, 2011

A New Resource

Those of you who know Amy Atwell know what a smart, savvy woman she is. Last night I hung out in the bar at the RWA conference hotel, and I ran into Amy and learned she has a new project in a start-up phase that will benefit authors across genres. This is pretty cool. Thought I should pass it along.

The basic idea is that Author EMS will collect information about book review sites, social media sites, and so on, all in one central location, with clear instructions on what to do as an author to best use these tools. There will be tips on time management, contract management, PR for authors -- basically, anything related to the business side of the business.

This will be a site to watch. Amy shared her plans with me, and I was so impressed that I immediately asked for a stack of cards to pass out to people. Keep an eye on it as she gets it up and running, and check her daily tips section in the meantime.



Jenny said...

This is a Pay to Play resource, however, and the authors are selling publicity services. This doesn't necessarily reflect on the quality of the site but makes it impossible to find out how good it is without paying up front.

Amy Atwell said...

Theresa, thanks so much for the mention. The Author E.M.S. website, as all can tell, is very much in beta stage now. We launched it prior to the national RWA conference that's happening this week because it holds more information than our business cards.

Our goal over the next 2-3 months is to add substantially more content on the public side, and build the "members only" area pages. There will be more specific information posted later this summer about what exactly will be available. For now, if anyone wants to keep track of our updates, just sign up on our home page. Thanks again!