Sunday, June 5, 2011

Laughter, The Best Therapy

Thanks to everyone who played along with our "respond to the nasty rejection" game. I think my friend enjoyed it, and I know I sure did. For the record, she did not respond to the nasty rejection because she knows better and, really, why bother? But here were the comments that brightened her day the most.

So, the winner of "Most Direct and Effective Comeback" goes to Ian, for the elegant (*cough*) and simple response:

Dear Editor,

Suck the shit out of my hole.


The Author

The winner of "Best Nasty Comeback Disguised as Sweet Solicitude" goes to Wen for:

Dear Editor,
I am so sorry to hear of your recent bout of brain-rash. I know this is annecdotal, but I have heard a good dose of e- publishing works as a cure.
I do hope your condition is neither fatal nor chronic.
All the best,
Experienced Author.
P.S. Can you recommend a healthy editor?

And the overall winner, for making us giggle every time we read it, goes to B.E. Sanderson for,

Dear Editor,

Thank you for providing me with an idea for the first person to die in my next novel.

Thanks to everyone who played our little game. I wish we could offer prizes for this one, but good karma and the satisfaction of knowing you helped a fellow author cope with a difficult moment will have to suffice.



Ian said...

Gigglesnort. Oh, dear me, I'm so sorry. Snickerchuckle.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, that's a pretty bad opening. When I get down on writing, I just see the books that have been published, and feel a little more optimistic about my bajillionth rewrite :)

Manon Eileen said...

This made me laugh so hard :p Thanks!