Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Nominate my book? No obligation, just a click.

Would you click this link and nominate my book? https://kindlescout.amazon.com/p/3VWUZJI12YWD8
I have just finished a new novel, and I’m trying something new, the Kindle Scout program. And I hope you’ll help me by clicking this link and “nominating” the book.
This is a program where Amazon Kindle chooses certain submissions for publication based partly on nominations from the public. Would you nominate my book? All it takes is following this link for my Regency-England mystery novel Tryst at the Brighton Inn and clicking the Nominate button (right under the description of the book).
There’s an excerpt from the book there on the campaign page. If the book gets chosen for publication, you’ll get a free e-copy.  Thanks! (And if you're willing, I'd appreciate it if you shared on your FB and Twitter and stuff! I'm not sure how much "social media reach" affects the outcome of this campaign, but it can't hurt. Thanks, all!)

And when this is over, I'll come back and give info about the Scout program, if I get in, that is. If not, I'll probably grouse and grumble.

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