Monday, March 26, 2012

My one-sentence review of last night's Mad Men

If this season is going to be about the amazing secksiness of Mrs. Draper 2.0, I'm going to be bored out of my mind.



Edittorrent said...

I spent the whole time thinking that it's amazing middle-aged college-educated men generally end up running everything, when all they could think about which of the nubile secretaries they would next coerce into bed.

Even Lane, who is kind of the only likable character (maybe Joan) keeps wanting to dump his wife for some sexy opportunist.

Oh, well. The costumes are really pretty. I liked that dress of Peggy's.

Edittorrent said...

I find myself liking Peggy as a character, too, despite her occasional bad behavior. But yeah, Lane, Joan, maybe Harry. I was disappointed when Lane kept that photograph. I keep wanting him to be more noble than he is.

Very little subtext in last night's episode. The conflicts all appear to be out in the open now. The only secretive behavior, really, was Lane's.

Do you think we're meant to like the new Mrs. Draper? I know they were setting us up to like her in the first few scenes -- the kids have good relations with her, and Peggy seems close to her. But I just can't warm up to her.


Edittorrent said...

I don't know. I have a bias against pretty young husband-stealing thangs, though Don was presumably unattached.

It's difficult to see the women of that era objectively. I always wanted to garrote Betty, though I agree there is probably nothing more likely to make a former diva truly obnoxious than being inured in the suburbs with small children.

Lane is, I learn, played by Jared Harris, the son of Richard Harris, and a more unlikely father-son pair I can't imagine. The apple fell MILES from the tree there!