Monday, September 12, 2011

Engagement Marketing Video

This is a fantastic presentation on engagement marketing through social media, presented by Sister Diane of Craftypod and I Heart Art Portland. The original audience was small business crafters like Etsy shop owners, but I think the concepts are applicable to all creative professionals. The formal presentation part of this video runs about 20 minutes, and the remaining 1.5 hours are Q&A. It's long, but it's well worth watching. Watch it in pieces, or save it for a time when you're too drained to write or edit.

My favorite part of this presentation has to do with the importance of responding to attention you receive online. I admit, I'm not the greatest at responding to every comment, but I always read and consider everything aimed at me, whether on this blog or on facebook or twitter or other places. And I do respond to probably more than half, if you add up all the comments I get in all places. According to Sister Diane, I ought to be responding to all of them. *vows to do better*

What's your best tip for social media and engagement marketing?



green_knight said...

I think the moment you adopt 'rules' for social interaction you come across as, well, not being social. Of course it's nice to get a reply to comments, but if the comment doesn't need a response (because it's merely affirmate), then dredging up a response will read forced. And if you're only coming up with 'thank you' then five in a row (never mind fifty) are boring and immensely annoying for people who have to wade through them or who get comments mailed.

I am pleased if someone talks to me (there are a couple of blogs/twitterstreams I've unsubscribed because the writers _never_ engaged with me and I got bored talking at them) but if I feel that the writer is talking out of obeiance to their marketing guru rather than out of an interest to engage with me, why, that's just as bad, only this time I can't say 'ok, the writer is probably too busy but it's not personal' - if you can find the time to write 'thank you for commenting' you can find the time to _respond_.

For me, the core of social media is *social*. I want to talk to people, not be advertised at or lectured.

Edittorrent said...

That's a really wise point, GK. I think most of us choose to follow others because we are reaching out to something more personal than a marketing plan. It's about the connection, not about the form or formality. I've cut people loose for violating this basic premise -- not just the people who post only "buy my book" links, but the "one-way street" type tweeter who never interacts or responds. There are a lot of them, and why should I clutter up my airwaves with their broadcasts? That's not what social media is for. IMO, of course.

Plus, I just really like those mini-breaks during the day when I can goof off on social media. For me, it's a water cooler, a place to ease up for a few moments and chat with like-minded folks.


Edittorrent said...

I only respond to those who address me directly. (Sorry, but I find it sort of intrusive to butt in on a conversation on twitter, even if it's about me. I know, I know. Hopelessly old-fashioned.) And I have a hard and fast policy NOT to respond to reviews with comments, because that REALLY seems intrusive.

But I'm really surprised at how often, when someone goes to the trouble of emailing me a comment about my website or a book and I reply, they'll say, "No author has ever written me back!" That doesn't say much for the other authors' responsiveness.

green_knight said...

Theresa, once I started to realise that some people are soap opera replacements for me - I read about their lives, but never get to reach across the fourth wall - I decided to stop that, because I don't gain anything, and I could spend the time talking to real people; discuss something of interest, connect to my friends, or just trade puns.

Alicia, I rarely respond to strangers out of the blue (though I've met some lovely people that way), but will join in conversations with friends - and I try to respond to everybody who talks to me, though not to every comment. The 'the first time an author wrote back' comment is a bit sad - of course not every writer can answer every bit of mail, but one would hope that some of them do.

Edittorrent said...

Yeah, see, I talk to anyone. Always have, always will. Whether they talk back, though, that's another story. ;)