Saturday, March 26, 2011

About the Narrative Elements Workshop

I've fielded several questions about the narrative elements workshop starting April 1, and because those questions raised some good points, I thought I would also address them here. People seem a little confused about the exact content of this workshop. Probably with good reason. This topic isn't commonly taught on the genre conference circuit, though I've taught it a few times over the years. But usually, I prefer to teach it in small groups so I can monitor closely whether people are grabbing hold of the concepts. By the end of the class, I fancy I can always tell who the real writers are. This is the one that separates the writers from the daydreamers.

So what is this class about? It's about the way story is revealed through written words. The narrative consists of the words on the page. Those words can take different forms. Which form they take can have a dramatic impact on the narrative, of course, but also on the story.

Former workshoppers have said that after taking this class, they're almost perfect at identifying "show, don't tell" errors. But this class is about much more than that. It's heavy on mechanics, but not grammar or usage mechanics. Narrative mechanics. Active setting, transitioning without transitions, all sorts of cool techniques, all are built on concepts taught in this class.

So, I hope that clarifies things. If not, please do ask any questions in the comments. There are still a couple of spots left. Our workshops tend to fill to capacity in the last few days before they start, but there's time to register yet, and there's still a bit of room on the roster.



epic said...

I may tell what I don't show, or show what I refuse to tell, JUST TO CONFUSE PEOPLE.

How the hell are you, Theresa the Stevens?

I like that you're blogging again. It's good for your soul.

Anonymous said...

When do invites go out for this class? I hope mine hasn't got lost in my spam folder. Thanks.