Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Jenny's book out today!

Congratulations to commenter Jenny Brown, whose first book Lord Lightning comes out today! It's an Avon release, the first in a trilogy of historical romances. I've known Jenny for centuries, well, since GEnie was still the place-to-be for writers of popular fiction.

GEnie was a great place back then. I'm getting all nostalgic, the way some people do for summer camp. It was like a summer camp for writers. There was a great board for romance, and another for science fiction, and another for mystery, and I wish I had all the great writing info that was daily exchanged. I was in charge of the Craft of Writing boards in the romance section. Good stuff.

That was back when you had to type in "ATDT" and a modem string to get connected (through phone lines, yes, youngsters, we used to tie up the phone for hours, back in the dark ages). That's how Jenny and I met. It was just like Camp Winnimauga only with no mosquitoes.



Jenny Brown said...

Thanks for your very kind words!

GEnie was utterly amazing. Everyone posted with their real names. Everyone had something meaningful to contribute. People discussed craft, history, the industry at a level impossible now in these days of 140 character tweets and 3 line FB updates.

I'd never read romance when I stumbled into GEnie ROMEX, but after I'd spent some time listening in to the conversations between Alicia and the other brilliant authors posting there, I went out and bought many of their books and fell in love with what the genre was all about back then.

And, BTW, if you want to learn how to write, get your hands on every writing book Alicia has ever published especially her plotting book, The Story Within Guidebook. It's an amazing book. I've worn out my copy and still consult it every time I fire myself up to write.

Alicia is the best teacher of writing you will find anywhere, and I can't wait to read her novel which will be coming out some time in the next year!

Edittorrent said...

Thanks, Jenny. I do get nostalgic for those amazing conversations we had in the Craft of Writing roundtables! I really meant to print them all out, but you know all about my good intentions.

Congrats on the book! I just ordered it from Amazon. What did we do before Amazon? I guess we actually went to bookstores. Hmm.