Sunday, January 24, 2010

Colts! Comeback kids!

I am accepting plaudits for My Team. And I'd appreciate them most from Pats fans, like, oh, Jenny. :) Jim Caldwell is a genius!

(It's so funny to hear the pundits now talking about what a great decision it was to bench all the starters last month. They sure didn't think so back then!)

Super Bowl here we come. Last time was also in Miami. Rained torrentially, I remember.

Oh, and I like old Brett, but Drew Brees is from Theresa's alma mater, the College of Quarterbacks (aka Purdue), so let's hope for a Colts-Saints matchup.



Riley Murphy said...

The son called this morning and I asked for his game picks - then I placed my bets.

Ha! I won forty bucks from honey! And another 20 from my obnoxious neighbor, and guess what? I was in my office writing the whole game. Isn't that Cool?

Alicia? I love your babies! Even if I don't watch 'em.

Murphy, who's got money to burn tomorrow. heheheh :D

Edittorrent said...

See, no one in Indy would bet against the Colts, so I was out of luck.

I think that means you owe me. :)

Riley Murphy said...

Sure! I'll slurge. You wanna hang? ;)

Murphy - who's eager to spend every dollar of her ill gotten gains. :D

Wes said...

The matchup for the Super Bowl is great. Payton's my main man. I love his commercials and that goofy little boy demeanor he takes on in the ads. But I love it when he puts his game face on too. Go Colts! Plus I spent several great years in the Hoosier Holyland in Bloomingburg. (I'd rather not talk about IU football.)

Edittorrent said...

This Super Bowl is a win-win for me. Love the Colts after all my years in Indy, and love anybody who played for the old gold and black. It's going to be fabulous, except I won't know who to cheer for!


Edittorrent said...

Wes, we won't say anything also about IU basketball.

Watch Butler basketball! What a good little team. And you don't feel slimy supporting them. (Just sayin... between Bob Knight and Kelvin Sampson, let's just say IU doesn't tend to hire the most admirable coaches.)


Leona said...

I love football. :D

Hey Alicia, I don't know how to link blogs, but a commentor from The Rejectionist listed your articles as great to read with a link to them. :D Not to mention he listed you by name, which I think is spelled correctly.

Plus on the blog Fierce Romance, there is an author interview with Juliet Burns and her novella in the Red Sage Secrets line is tooted. Plus, when I congratulated her, she mentioned the other one she has participated in!

Seems to me you are having a good week in all areas! Go Team :D