Wednesday, September 2, 2009

This Belongs on the Front Page

If you're not already reading the comments to our posts, you're missing out on some real gems.

Such as this from iapetus999, in response to my post about egregiously bad queries:

Uhh, these aren't misspellings, these are new words.

queery-Query for more "alternative" content
manuskript-A ms for a Vampire story
manuscrip-A very short ms.
novell-A story about a software company.
storey-A story with a higher elevation
storie-A story about Faerie
heero-A truly masculine hero
heroe-A pregnant fish hero
erottic-Watch out for bed bugs
aventure-A story about a sex business venture
sex seen-I've seen it already

Hope this helps.

Thanks, it does. Well, it helps my mood, anyway! LOL



Catherine Bybee said...

ROFLMAO... Oh... the fun I can have with this!

Riley Murphy said...

I liked the heroe. LOL!

Call me crazy, but I’m sitting here connecting the dots between heroe and the erotic cookbook. Anyone up for some masculine caviar? Huh, I wonder how well that would go with cucumbers and melted chocolate?:D

Charlotte said...

@Murphy... Masculine caviar... Yuuuuuuuuuuck!

em said...

Murphy! LOL! Maybe you should ask Dave.:)

Unknown said...


The English Language is full of fun words.

Thanks for the repost!

Dave Shaw said...

'Masculine caviar'? Hmm, does that have anything to do with how the naked woman developed the taste for cucumber dipped in melted chocolate?

And no, I have no idea how they would go together. However, if someone can send me the naked woman and other items, I can try to find out. I might even report back - eventually.

Genella deGrey said...

This totally uplifts the soul.


Unknown said...

I almost missed this one.
Lapetus999, lol!
Murphy, brilliant!:)

Leona said...

I saw this the first time, but still laughed.

Um, Dave? Talk about mantasy!

Murphy, that was great. I've actually played around with the idea of an erotic cookbook. something about a woman who always misses the cues and needs to know the formula for what men mean.

It would be a little too much of a biography though. I've missed being hit on/asked out to eat by someone that was so obvious that I exasporated my coworker who witnessed it.

I'm working on it as a comedy, but haven't got much past the planning stage. I"m much too afraid it will turn into a tragedy! LOL

I really have to work on my exposition problem first. comedy cannot be slowed down!

Jami Gold said...


That sounds like a great idea! :) I'll give you a freebie thought for it too. Have the character make double-entendre comments without meaning to. :) Not that I have any personal experience with that. Nope, not at all. LOL!

Jami G.

Leona said...

Hmm, JG, sounds like a story or two there. I'll share my duh moment if you will :)

And btw, I've had five children and I'm ten years into my second marriage. No-one can explain how I've remained so oblivious to certain things. LOL

Leona said...
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Leona said...
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Jami Gold said...


I'm sure there are stories for that if I cared to remember them, but apparently, I've blocked them all from my memory. :)

Jami G.