Monday, June 1, 2009

Targeting Red Sage?

For those of you who read this blog because you're targeting Red Sage (or Alicia or me in particular), you might want to check out the Red Sage 15th anniversary sale. Several titles acquired by each of us will be on sale for only $1.50 each.

You can check the Red Sage blog for more information on the sale, but here's a list of who edited what from the sale titles.

Alicia edited:
Payback by Rose Middleton
Megan's Choice by Ellie Marvel (This is the interactive e-book.)
Addiction by Lynne Logan

I edited:
The Hot-Blooded Husband by Alice Gaines
The Bride Unmasked by Harriet Jones
Kitsune by Lila Dubois
The Doctor Next Door by Catherine Berlin
Fire Angel by B.J. McCall
Fires Within by Roxana Blaze a/k/a Titania Ladley
Compromised by Nathalie Gray

I know this kind of information can be hard to come by. Do you find it useful? Should we add links to the books we've each acquired and edited in the sidebar? Now that my team is fully staffed and loaded for bear, I might just have time to take on a project like that.

But honestly, do you think it's useful? I don't know what kinds of conclusions you might draw from these lists. Well, okay, you might see that Alicia takes more risks with formatting and structure. And she likes an action-adventure-suspense feel, though certainly not all of her acquisitions fall under that heading. Neither of us has much use for vampires, though I am in the process of acquiring a vampire novel, so it's not an impossibility. In any event, I suppose there may be some conclusions to be drawn, but they would be broad generalities with plenty of exceptions.

But if you want this information, we'll provide it. In case you're wondering why there are more books from me than from Alicia on that list, it's because, of the two of us, I tend to acquire and edit more titles. But my acquisition rate may slow down some now that we're fully staffed. We'll see, I guess.



Tara Maya said...

I always find this kind of information interesting, and appreciate it greatly when it's provided. It's less that I think it will help me tailor a book specifically to an editor ahead of time, and more that I like the insight into the process of collaboration between writer and editor.

em said...

I think this is great information. I appreciate you posting this and yes I think it helps - especially if a writer is targeting your house:).

Genella deGrey said...

Yes, please. I'd peruse such information often. :)

It's good to hear that your work load has eased up, Theresa!


Wes said...

Dang!!!! Why didn't you tell me Red Sage had a writing contest?????? (Maybe you posted it, but I missed it.) ANYWAY, I want to enter the next one!!!

Unknown said...

Yes, please Theresa. This is good information to have. And if you and Alicia don't like Vampire stories are there other editors within your company that likes them? I love Vamp stories and I'm surprised to read that Alicia doesn't she refers to Buffy a lot.;)

Edittorrent said...

Yes, Babs, in fact, we had been routing vampire stories to an editor who has had to go out on indefinite leave. So some of the vampire stories have been in limbo as a result of that situation. But the point is that we all know each other's tastes, and we'll send a good one to another editor rather than reject it because we're temporarily burned out.

It's not that Alicia and I dislike vampire stories. A good vampire tale can still win us over. I'm trying to buy one right now.


Edittorrent said...

Wes, the contest took place about a year ago. It's the one and only time Red Sage has ever hosted an event like that. It was fun. We may do it again some time, but not soon. We have to get caught up on our backlog first.