Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Pitch Party

Go here.

Really. It's fun.

Read the comment threads. And someone pass me a glass of water and wipe my forehead. Whew!



Riley Murphy said...

You were awesome Theresa! I had a lot of fun. Comments were great and good group of people. Now that I know what a pitch looks like and especially one slimmed down to 75 words - would you consider doing something like this, here? Maybe for Labor Day? (Hey, I know you need time to recover. You answered every one of those pitches and you were the only one to do so- that's why I didn't revise...you even answered the revisions! Definitely a glutton for punishment) – great job! I know that you efforts were appreciated. Now, have a glass of green wine. (Insert shudder here)...just the thought.

Edittorrent said...

Thanks, Murphy! I had a bunch of fun with that today. Great change of pace. :) And i thought you did a fine job with your pitch. 75 words isn't a lot of room to pitch, and I could see that you were working to make every word count. That's important.

If memory serves, we did some kind of pitch thingie here last year before RWA nationals. Maybe this year we can do one before RT or before the Lori Foster event. Let me check with my fabulous partner and see if she'd be up for it. Oh, fabulous partner...?


Chris Eldin said...

Thanks Theresa, for being such a great sport!!

I'd love to learn more about pitches--format, word count, etc. We had to put some kind of word limit on it, I didn't want all of the editors with glazed eyes...I have no idea what a proper length should be. But would love to learn more!!

Michelle H. said...

Thanks Theresa for the feedback! I didn't get a chance to say it before the thread was closed yesterday. At least, I hope your comment was for me. I know there were two Michelle's posting yesterday. lol!