Saturday, December 13, 2008

Nota bene

If you are going to diss someone you work with in publishing, do it on the phone to a friend. And assume the friend is going to pass it on. Maybe the friend won't, but just assume he/she will. If you have been smart enough to do your dissing on the phone, you can always deny it.

But if you posted it on your Facebook, in your Livejournal, or on your blog, or sent it in email even to a trusted friend, or posted it on a theoretically private list, you won't be able to deny it when dissee gets a forward.

I know that none of you do this... so good! You're smarter than many writers out there who ought to be aware of the damage they're doing to their careers.

Nothing is private on the internet.
Alicia who was just reading comments on someone else's blog... eek.


Sandy James said...

I find it utterly amazing that people think the Internet is the place to air all their dirty laundry. There's no concern for reputation or possible repercussions from comments made on blogs, posted as comments, or placed on message boards.

I've also seen people on message boards like Absolute Write who put their number of queries and how many rejections in their signature block. If you were an editor/agent and ran across someone "bragging" about his thirty rejections for one manuscript, I can't imagine you'd be inclined to respond positively to a query.

Great advice, Alicia!

Edittorrent said...

Yes, paper your bathroom with your rejection letters, but NOT your blog! :)

This is not a big industry. Maybe three degrees of separation. And Google makes us all available.

Of course, a internet-only pseudonym offers a bit of protection.