Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Basic Submissions Errors

The reason editors keep mentioning these basic mistakes is that we keep seeing these basic mistakes.

In today's slush submissions:
  • one single-spaced partial with no synopsis and no indication of the length of the finished manuscript,
  • one really well-written partial with no contact information,
  • two stories that are so far outside our submissions guidelines that the writers couldn't possibly have read our submissions guidelines
  • one submission with a query letter detailing how long the writer has dreamed of being published and all the mean people who told her she would never succeed
  • one submission with an offensive query letter explaining why the author doesn't read in our genre
Happens all the time.

The good news is that I requested fulls on four manuscripts today. I'm a little leery on two of them but want to take a look just the same.



Anonymous said...

Leery? Oh, no...

Wait - you couldn't possibly have something of mine.

What a relief!


Anonymous said...

ROFL So, these things don't just happen at fanfiction archives? Good to know - I think. Or maybe just scary...