Thursday, April 28, 2011

Openings Class

In the Openings workshop, we'll work on crafting impressive openings that capture the attention while setting up the story conflict and previewing your unique voice.

We'll discuss:
*Where to start the book
*Where to start the scene
*How to set up the story question
*How to introduce the characters
*How to showcase your voice on the first page
*The all-important first paragraph-- keeping it simple, yet profound

Plenty of exercises and individualized feedback!

Starts May 1, lasts two weeks. To sign up, click the Buy Now button on the left there.


Anonymous said...


I have sent 2 emails to the edittorrent email box and have not received a response.

I am interested in taking this class however was unsure if the fact that I am in Australia will effect my ability to participate effectively in the class.

Also, I have noticed the link to the paypal payment page is gone and was wondering if I am still able to purchase a position in the class.



Edittorrent said...

Tim, I saw your message in the inbox and forwarded it to Alicia for response. I don't think the time zone should be an issue. We've had students from all over the globe in our workshops. She hasn't started the lessons yet, so you haven't missed anything. No worries. You're on the radar and we'll get you sorted out.


Edittorrent said...

Sorry, Tim, I responded but it must have gone astray. Emailing you separately. Just "send" $50 US through paypal to and that should work if you want to join the class.

Everything is done in email, so time zone shouldn't be a consideration. You just respond when you see-- no big hurry. I've had students in Singapore, and I just thought they stayed up very very late! They were always posting at 3 am my time. :)

So it's not like a chat, where you have to show up at a certain hour. Just email. It'll be fun!


Annette said...

Darn. I was out of town and just got back in last night. I guess I'm too late.

Sonali Dev said...

Is it too late to join?

I was out of town too but I'd still like to sign up.