Monday, March 28, 2011

Rant about about reviews

Here's a fun rant about the NYTimes Book Review before it vanishes behind a paywall, and really, has anyone ever been as clueless about digital media as the NYTimes?  "Hey, it worked so badly the first time, charging for online news! Let's do it again! It's not like they can get news anywhere else!"

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carlotta said...

Interesting article - thanks for the link! The writer makes a lot of good points - most effectively, I thought, in his comparison lists at the foot of the article. What he leaves out, though, is how the process for seeking a review in the Times affects which publishers can even have their books considered. There's a whole Byzantine set of mostly unwritten rules for seeking a review (as you no doubt know) that are costly in time, human resources, and money and that are - other than in their opening the potential for a review - often contrary to the best interests of the book. Many smaller publishers and university presses can't afford to jump through those hoops for most of their books, and so the books from those sources are self-eliminated from consideration from the start.