Thursday, May 15, 2008

San Francisco, Anyone?

If you're going to RWA nationals in San Francisco this summer and would like a pitch meeting with Alicia or I, now is the time to sign up for one. Email your name and preferred email address to eredsage at gmail dot com to get on the list. These are independent pitch appointments, and any conference attendee is eligible for one, regardless of any other pitches you may have signed up for. I hear that the pitch schedule is already filling up and that they're looking for overflow room arrangements so that we can accommodate all the appointment requests.

In other news, Oakley Hall passed away. This saddens me and makes me want to pull out my worn copy of How Fiction Works for another read. Have any of you read this one? I don't always agree with him -- I remember in particular that his discussion of cumulative modifiers seemed half-formed -- but I approve of it more than some of the other technique books floating around writerland.

Alicia reports that the weather in England has turned cool, and that finding her way around the English countryside is an adventure of aimlessly meandering roads punctuated by sudden towns. I don't know about the rest of you, but to me that sounds like an adventure worth having.

I'm digging through our gmailbox -- it turns out that a bunch of emails with openings and questions have been languishing in a folder I didn't know existed. Oy. You think you're so organized, and then something like that happens! But I'm sorting it all out and we'll respond to them just as soon possible. Tip of the hat to the commenter who asked if we were ever going to do more openings -- that comment prompted this editor to dig deeper in the gmailbox.



green_knight said...

England? Last report said that Alicia was going to travel to Ireland... which is usually just a tad wetter ;-)

And until today, the weather here was absolutely fine. Sunny. _Warm_. T-shirts and shorts and sunburn weather. Then a crazy American turns up, and all we get is rain. Well, at least now we know whom to blame ;-)

(And looking forward to the return of the openings.)

Edittorrent said...

She did go to Ireland. Now she's in England. I swear, the woman never stops traveling!


Unhinged said...

Oh, geeze. I so wish I had a complete WIP for one of you to look at. (This is taking into account that I first wowed you with my golden-tongue pitch.)

Oh, the horror of pitching. At baseball or fiction.

Have either of you written a blog post on the importance of story pitching???

I'm shy. I'm much better at written communication than verbal communication. So does this mean that unless I'm pinky friends forever with Laurel K Hamilton, I might be in trouble?