Sunday, May 29, 2011

Administrative Note

I'm extending the sign-up deadline for the Power Proposals workshop until Tuesday, mainly because I foolishly forgot to send around notices to the usual e-mail loops, and so people aren't getting word about it in a timely fashion. I blame the construction at my house, which turned my brain to cheese soup for a good part of April and May. Sorry! Mea culpa! In any case, the class isn't full. In fact, it looks as though it will be quite an intimate group, which is great if you want a lot of feedback on your proposal. As it stands, I'll have ample time to look at everyone's pages and offer comments after we go through the examples and exercises. So if you want to sign up but didn't get word until late, just know that it's not too late. You can still get in.

It looks like we might take off for at least two months and not do any workshops this summer. We will each be busy with personal projects and other commitments, so a hiatus is in order. The blog won't close, though. Just the workshops, and just for the summer.


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Annette said...

Oh, I wish I could participate in this. It sounds great, but I'm in the last 15% of a heavy revision pass in my novel, and I haven't yet written the ending scenes - still deciding on which way to go with the end. So I'm not ready for work on my query yet. Darn.

I hope you get a lot of projects done over the summer and feel refreshed to start workshops again after your break. And by then I pray I'll be finished with my story! :)