Friday, October 1, 2010

My Hot Date

I can't wait for this. I'm re-reading Toni Morrison's Song of Solomon now to prepare for the dinner, and will probably re-read Beloved, too. Or maybe I'll read something else of hers, something new to me.

And given that Oprah is emceeing the event, you'd better believe the first thing I'll do inside the ballroom is look under my dinner seat. WHAT? A NEW CAR? OMG!

Which are your favorite Toni Morrison books?



Edittorrent said...

This is too cool. You should slip a book to Oprah and tell her, "This should be your next book club book!"

Edittorrent said...

Oh, fave TM books-- I had to write a paper on Jazz when I was in grad school, how the narrative was improvisational like the jazz music form. I didn't know enough about jazz, I think, to make the thesis work. But I think I was right.

PatriciaW said...

Oh wow, now that's a cool event.

My favorite Toni Morrison books are The Bluest Eye and Song of Solomon. I re-read those, along with Sula, many times in my 20's. I found Beloved strange and difficult to get through, and I wasn't crazy about Jazz either. I have yet to try Love or A Mercy.

Would love to know what she's working on these days and what her take is on the current state of publishing, particularly for African-American writers.

Edittorrent said...

Patricia, you can be sure I'll report on everything she has to say. I'm interested in hearing whether she thinks publishing has changed for minority writers, and if so, are the changes an improvement.

I haven't read The Bluest Eye yet, but I've heard the story behind it. Maybe I should read that one next after I finish Song of Solomon.

I love her prose. It's kind of loose and fluid, but so direct. Alicia, maybe it's that jazz melody you mention.


Bronwyn Parry said...

Since Oprah's coming to Australia, maybe you could slip her a gripping romantic suspense novel set in Australia's wild places, for some flight reading :-)