Monday, December 15, 2008

Thought for the Day

We wouldn't have to keep asking people to check the submission guidelines if, you know, people actually checked the submission guidelines.

Bonus Extra Thought for the Day:

It's not enough to check them. You must actually follow them. Please don't send query letters explaining that you know the project doesn't fit our guidelines, but you think we should look at it anyway. We won't.

who had to take a turn at the generic submissions inbox weeding through proposals for cookbooks, self-help books, sweet romances, erotic romances aimed at male readership, epic fantasies, and too many more unsuitable projects to mention, any of which might be a brilliant book, and none of which we publish.


em said...

I hate to bug - but, how long does it typically take, once you submit a partial to hear back from you guys - even if it is only a rejection :(? I know you said that you are really backed up right now -- I guess I am just anxious.

jaz said...

Another submission-related question re: short stories.

Does the italicized prefatory bit in Brokeback Mountain (where Ennis is shown AFTER the events of the story) work there only because it's Annie Proulx? Or could an unknown author submitting to lit fiction journals get away with a similar device?

(Yes, I have a story with two similar paras--similar, in that the POV character is depicted after the events of the story. It's not traditional prologue in the sense of telling what came before.)


Edittorrent said...

Em, if it seems like it's been too long, send us an email. Maybe it got lost or misfiled or something. Tell when and how (print or e) you sent it, and include another attachment with the file. Never worry about bugging an editor for this sort of thing! A single polite email or two is not rude at all.

Edittorrent said...

Jennifer, I made a long answer and put it as a post, though I think I lost track of your actual question. :)