Saturday, September 20, 2008


Theresa, I remember sitting at that table and discussing commas... ah, the good times. I seem to remember also eating pastries from that Italian bakery, but I can't believe that influences my nostalgia.

And I am SO impressed that you uploaded that photo. Really. You'll have to teach me how.

Reminder to self: Blog entry about "know". Really now. Try and focus.
Alicia (off in a hotel room in Bedford, Indiana... what a glamorous life I lead, and if you think so, I really ought to show you Bedford, Indiana)


Ian said...

Alicia, given your expertise on POV, I want to forward a question one of my friends asked me. She wanted to know if it's "acceptable" for part of a story to be in first person and part in third. I kind of dodged a more thoughtful answer by saying probably it would work if the story required it, but I wonder if you might expand upon reasons to use multiple points of view/narrative structure versus reasons not to. My current diversion is a story which-for reasons I can't quite fathom-seems to require that I write the flashbacks in present tense and the modern story in past tense. I'm not sure why, but it works.

Anonymous said...

Careful. I'm from Terre Haute! LOL
Enjoy Hoosierland. Autumn is such a nice time there, before the snow fills all the hollows.