Monday, April 14, 2008


I am doing taxes this week... mine, ours, the kids. And I am thoroughly wrong for this role, just righter than anyone else in the family. And everything is so disorganized (everything thrown haphazardly in a box) that I can't take it to a tax preparer. Groan. Remind me that I want to talk about (I always talk about dull things :) names and pronouns and what to do if you have two "hes" or "shes" in the same scene. No big insights here, but boy, is it a pain, or what?

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Anonymous said...

Happy tax prepping.

My only other comment re the pronouns: YES and Please Hurry!!

also, could you combine the use of names too frequently versus pronouns, and in relation to pov character versus same gender characters in the scene.

And if you have time...

[just kidding with the last bit]